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2023 localization calendar
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Worldwide Holidays for Your 2023 Localization Calendar

The 2023 Localization Calendar for Global Brands and Localization Managers

As a localization manager, it’s important to stay informed about holidays and cultural events happening around the world, which can be a lot to keep track of. To make things easier, we created this valuable resource for managing your team and planning your localization efforts in 2023.

In this blog, you’ll find a list of key holidays and cultural events from countries around the world, plus some extra localization tips and resources sprinkled in. We’ve included both major national and international holidays along with lesser-known regional celebrations, making it a good starting point to plan your year.

We hope this calendar will help you better understand and celebrate the diversity of cultures within your team and in the markets you serve! Use the buttons below to toggle to different months of the year, or download the full PDF calendar to save it to your desktop and print out for reference. Enjoy!

Downloadable Worldwide Holiday Calendar

Get the full PDF international holiday calendar for global brands, ready to print and hang by your desk, or save to your desktop for referencing anytime throughout the year.

Worldwide Holidays by Month

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January 2023 Worldwide Holidays 

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • January 1: New Year’s Day (Global)
  • January 6: Epiphany (Religious holiday) | National Technology Day (Global) 
  • January 9: Coming of Age Day (Japan) 
  • Localization Tip: As the Chinese New Year approaches, businesses slow down not only in China, but in other Asian countries like South Korea and Vietnam. Learn how to prepare for the Chinese New Year
  • January 14: Orthodox New Year (Religious holiday, Eastern Europe) | Novy God (Russia) 
  • January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (United States)
  • January 22: Chinese New Year (China) | Tết Lunar New Year (Vietnam)
  • January 26: Australia Day (Australia)
  • January 27: UN Holocaust Memorial Day (Global)

February 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar

Black History Month (United States and Canada)

  • Localization Tip: Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your tone of voice when localizing for the Brazilian market. Click here to learn more
  • February 12: Super Bowl (United States)
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day (Global) Find out how it’s celebrated around the world
  • February 17: Carnival starts (Brazil)
  • February 20: President’s Day (United States) | Carnival begins (Dominican Republic)
  • February 21: Mother’s Day (Israel) 
  • February 22: Ash Wednesday (Religious holiday) 
  • February 25: Carnival ends (Brazil)  
  • February 27: Dominican Independence Day and end of Carnival (Dominican Republic)

March 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • March 3: Global Employee Appreciation Day (Global) 
  • March 6: Purim (Religious holiday, Jewish) 
  • March 8: International Women’s Day (Global) | Holi (Religious holiday, Hindu) 
  • Localization Tip: Try doing some spring cleaning on your localization strategy while you plan for Q2. Learn how to start with this simple guide.  
  • March 12: Daylight Savings (United States) 
  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Global) | Red Nose Day (United Kingdom)
  • March 20: Start of Spring (Northern hemisphere) 
  • March 23: Ramadan starts (Religious holiday, Islamic)
  • March 25: Greek Independence Day (Greece) | Daylight Savings (Israel)

April 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • April 1: April Fool’s Day (Global) 
  • April 2: Palm Sunday (Religious holiday) 
  • April 5: Passover starts (Religious holiday, Jewish) | Qingming Festival (China)
  • April 7: Good Friday (Religious holiday)
  • April 9: Easter (Religious holiday)
  • April 13: Songkran Festival (Thailand) | Passover ends (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • April 18: Tax Day (United States)
  • April 20: Ramadan ends (Religious holiday, Islamic)
  • April 22: Earth Day (Global)
  • April 25: Festa della Liberazione (Italy) | Memorial Day (Israel)
  • April 26: Independence Day (Israel)
  • Localization Tip: The benefits of quality assurance outweigh the costs. Learn how to streamline your QA process  

May 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • May 1: International Worker’s Day (Global)
  • May 4: Star Wars Day (Global)
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo (Mexico and United States)
  • May 8: Coronation of King Charles III (United Kingdom)
  • May 9: Europe Day (Europe)
  • May 14: Mother’s Day (United States)
  • May 15: International Day of Families (Global)
  • Localization Tip: Travelers prefer to research and plan online in their native language. Attract international summer travelers with these best practices
  • May 19: National Bike to Work Day (United States)
  • May 25: Shavuot (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • May 28: Kyiv Day (Ukraine)
  • May 29: Memorial Day (United States) | Spring bank holiday (United Kingdom)

June 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar

Pride Month (Global)

  • June 2: Festa della Reppublica (Italy)
  • June 3: Global Running Day (Global)
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  • Podcast: In the mood for a podcast? Listen for expert tips on localizing in Asia.  
  • June 14: National Flag Day (United States)
  • June 18: Father’s Day (United States) | JD Shopping Day (China)
  • June 19: Juneteenth (United States)
  • June 21: Summer Solstice (Northern hemisphere)
  • June 22: Dragon Boat Festival(China)
  • June 23: Take Your Dog to Work Day (Global)
  • June 28: Eid al-Adha starts (Religious holiday, Islamic) 

July 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • July 1: Canada Day (Canada)
  • July 2: Eid al-Adha ends (Religious holiday, Islamic) 
  • July 4: Fourth of July (United States)
  • July 5: Independence Day (Venezuela)
  • July 7: World Chocolate Day (Global)
  • July 8: National Video Game Day (United States)
  • July 9: Independence Day (Argentina)
  • July 14: Bastille Day (France)
  • July 17: Constitution Day (South Korea) | World Emoji Day (Global)
  • July 18: Islamic New Year starts (Religious holiday, Islamic)
  • July 19: Islamic New Year ends (Religious holiday, Islamic)
  • July 20: Independence Day (Colombia)
  • July 21: Independence Day (Belgium)
  • Localization Tip: Don’t be afraid to be very selective with the tools and subscriptions you invest in. Read more about optimizing your localization budget. 

August 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • August 1: Swiss National Day (Switzerland)
  • August 4: International Beer Day (Global)
  • August 7: Commerce Day (Iceland)
  • August 9: National Book Lovers Day (United States) | National Day (Singapore)
  • Localization Tip: Localizing eLearning modules? Use editable source-files when possible for easier subtitle, copy, and voice-over localization. 
  • August 13: Father’s Day (Brazil)  
  • August 15: Ferragosto (Italy) | Independence Day (India) | National Liberation Day (South Korea)
  • August 16: National Tell a Joke Day (United States)
  • August 17: Independence Day (Indonesia)
  • August 22: Qixi Festival, known as Chinese Valentine’s Day (China)  
  • August 24: Independence Day (Ukraine)
  • August 26: International Dog Day (Global)
  • August 28: National Heroes’ Day (Philippines) | Summer bank holiday (United Kingdom)
  • August 31: Independence Day (Malaysia)

September 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • September 1: Independence Day (Vietnam)
  • September 3: Father’s Day (Australia)
  • September 4: Labor Day (United States)
  • Localization Tip: Germans are famous for more than just Oktoberfest. Learn more about the German consumer market with 5 tips. 
  • September 15: Rosh Hashanah starts, known as Jewish New Year (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • September 16: Oktoberfest starts (Germany)
  • September 17: Rosh Hashanah ends, known as Jewish New Year (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • September 18: Respect for the Aged Day (Japan)
  • September 23: Autumn Equinox (Northern hemisphere)
  • September 25: Yom Kippur (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • September 28: Chuseok starts (South Korea)
  • September 29: Mid-Autumn Festival (Vietnam)
  • September 30: Chuseok ends (South Korea)

October 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Global) | Black History Month (UK and Ireland)

  • October 1: National Day (China) | International Coffee Day (Global)
  • October 2: Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi’s birthday (India)
  • October 3: Oktoberfest ends (Germany)
  • October 4: World Animal Day (Global)
  • October 5: World Teachers Day (Global)  
  • October 10: Indigenous Peoples’ Day (United States) | World Mental Health Day (Global)
  • October 14: Defender’s Day (Ukraine)
  • Localization Tip: Target the right audiences for different shopping holidays worldwide. Learn more about localized holiday marketing. 
  • October 23: Chung Yeung Festival (China) | Labour Day (New Zealand)
  • October 24: United Nations Day #UNDay (International)
  • October 31: Halloween (International)

November 2023 Worldwide Holidays

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • November 1: All Saint’s Day (Religious holiday) | Día de los Muertos starts (Mexico) 
  • November 2: Día de los Muertos ends (Mexico)
  • November 3: Culture Day (Japan)
  • November 5: Daylight Savings Time ends (United States)
  • Localization Tip: Never translate your SEO keywords across different markets. Get more tips for SEO and multilingual websites.  
  • November 11: Singles’ Day (China) | Veteran’s Day (United States)
  • November 12: Diwali (India)
  • November 13: World Kindness Day (Global)
  • November 15: National Entrepreneurs Day (United States)
  • November 17: El Buen Fin starts (Mexico)
  • November 19: International Men’s Day (Global)
  • November 20: El Buen Fin ends (Mexico)
  • November 23: Thanksgiving Day (United States) | Labour Thanksgiving Day (Japan)
  • November 24: Black Friday (Global)
  • November 25: Small Business Saturday (United States)
  • November 27: Cyber Monday (Global)
  • November 30: Bonifacio Day (Philippines) | St. Andrew’s Day (Scotland)

December 2023 Worldwide Holidays 

Click here to download the printable PDF calendar
  • December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Global)
  • December 4: National Cookie Day (United States)
  • December 7: Hanukkah starts (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • December 8: Immaculate Conception (Religious holiday)
  • December 11: International Mountain Day (Global) | Green Monday (Shopping holiday)
  • Localization Tip: Connect with other localization managers worldwide to learn and grow together. Click here for more wisdom from top localization professionals.     
  • December 15: Hanukkah ends (Religious holiday, Jewish)
  • December 18: Free Shipping Day (Global)
  • December 22: Winter Solstice (Northern hemisphere)
  • December 24: Christmas Eve (Religious holiday)
  • December 25: Christmas Day (Religious holiday)
  • December 26: Boxing Day (Shopping holiday)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve (Global)
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