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Game Localization Services

Whether it’s a simple mobile word game or a completely virtual world, online and mobile games bring people together. But to really unite players from across the globe, game localization needs to be done right.

Take your gaming content local with BLEND. Our professional game localization services team will help your content resonate with gamers around the world, drawing in new players and getting them to spend more time at the console.

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Online Gaming Leaders Know Where to Turn to BLEND into New Markets

Online Gamers are Local. You Should Be Too.

Video and mobile games have the potential to engage and convert global users with the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. But to successfully launch your game in new and diverse markets, both your technical and creative content needs to be understood by gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

Grab more players’ attention and maximize sink time using BLEND's game localization services. Get accurately and consistently translated console instructions, in-game dialogue, user commands, video sequencing texts, and more.

Mobile and video game translation services include:

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Gaming sites & apps

Ensure your game has compelling onboarding sequences, push notifications that engage, and a welcoming user interface, regardless of the language your players speak or the local standards they’re used to in online gaming.
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Social games

Give players a next-level user experience, in their native language. Detailed video game localization and translation help you attract an international audience of gamers, and keep growing from there.

Terms & conditions

Accurately translate the fine print so that those who do choose to read it understand all the legal details that go into your mobile app or online game.
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Multilingual helpdesk

To increase user stickiness, be sure your players get the help they need as they play. Zendesk-integrated language support guarantees your users native customer support for when things don’t go quite right.
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Gaming regulations

Every country has its own unique regulations about gaming, gambling, and privacy. Localize your game with experts to make sure you’re on the right side of the law, anywhere in the world.
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Digital ads

Expand your game's digital reach by translating your digital advertising and making sure that every ad is linguistically and culturally adapted to speak directly to local users.
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Mobile and Game Localization Services that Enrich the Player Experience

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Audio Game Dubbing

Introduce crisp, local voices in the accent of your choice. With over 100 languages, native voice-over talent levels up the local gaming experience, engaging users no matter where they play.

Agile Translations

Roll out the latest updates and fixes for ALL your users. Localize game patches, expansion packs, downloadable content, and more, giving users across the globe a fresh video gaming experience.

Gamer Testing

Ensure that each local game release is flawless. Our localization game testing experts do QA on all new content, checking everything from units of measurement to the fine points of cultural nuance.

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