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App Localization Services

Blend in to stand out by localizing your apps so mobile users can experience your creations in their own language.
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Localize your app for any global market

Rethink your app to resonate with locals so that you can increase visibility and user experience in every international market. From app store descriptions to UX to technical and cultural considerations, BLEND's app localization experts will ensure your app feels like it was built especially for each market in which you release it, helping you compete with any app across the globe.

App localization services include:

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UX Localization

When your app is designed for use in one language, translating it to another can cause all sorts of issues to arise. Your CTA may not fit in the original button design due to text length. Your entire left-to-right design will feel counterintuitive in countries where the language read right to left. The colors or images in your design may be offensive in certain cultures. Our app localization experts take all this and more into account when translating and localizing your app. We'll ensure your localized app in each market feels like it was designed in that market, for those users.

App Store Listing Localization

No matter how well your app is translated and the experience localized, there's no use in putting in all that effort if people can't find your app. Whether you're listing on the Apple app store, Google Play, or anywhere else, ensure your app description is localized and optimized to appear in the top results in mobile users' searches worldwide.

Continuous Localization

Our TMs and integrations make it easy to manage the constant flow of localization that inevitably comes with app updates. No matter what changes you need done to your app or listing, whether it be a small change in copy, a new feature, or a major update, BLEND allows you to send any new aspects for localization as soon as they're ready so you can roll out the changes in every language alongside the original.
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Why Localize Your App with BLEND?

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Leading App Localization Experts

BLEND’s international team of localization specialists has the linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise to make your app feel natively local. Our diverse localization tools and services work together to make sure that your global app users are happy and your app succeeds in any language and any market

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