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Fintech Localization

Financial Technologies have connected users and investors from different countries, languages, and cultures like never before. But to make your services or application as successful and accessible as possible, you need to localize the entire customer journey.

Take your Fintech company to the next level with BLEND. With technology-focused localization and specialized, directly-accessible translation teams, we help you grow your business by making it easy for new users to leverage your services in any language market.

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Fintech Innovators Trust BLEND to Grow Internationally

Fintech Users Are Everywhere. You Can Be, Too.

eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, blockchain technologies, and the Cloud have created a borderless financial services economy where investments and payments can be made with a single click or swipe of a finger. For a truly innovative, cross-border experience, you need a language partner that can harness AI advances, provide the right human experts, and adapt to your processes and workflows.

Whether you're focused on Trading, Payments, Big Data, NFTs, blockchain, or crypto, BLEND is the Fintech localization partner you need for multimarket expansion.

Translation services for any Fintech need:

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Financial services

Banks and lenders rely on BLEND to localize essential documentation, web assets, marketing materials, even step-by-step online transactions. We make doing business with you easier, whether your clients are local or located all over the world.
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Looking for localization at the intersection of spoken language and programming language? BLEND partners with you to improve development, ensure successful market rollouts, and educate users on the security and quality of your platform.


Before users buy in with their wallets, they need to buy in on your message. From in-app content to everything that sells the story, BLEND helps your audience decrypt everything about crypto.
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KYC Data Extraction

You need to be able to trust all your customers and stakeholders whether or not you speak their language. Trained bilinguals will extract and translate data from all of your customer documentation to make sure that what they’re submitting is reliable, and includes all the information you need to fulfill legal obligations and have peace of mind.
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Legal and Compliance

Stay on the right side of the law with terms and conditions translated by expert legal translators and localized for the privacy, intellectual property, and payment regulations in every country.
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Customer Support

Lower churn rates and increase customer loyalty by offering your customers the support they need in their own language. BLEND’s Multilingual Helpdesk for any platform gives you scalable, cost-effective tools to help your customers in every global market.
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Fintech Localization Services that

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Website and App Localization

Make ongoing website and app localization easy! We integrate with Wordpress’s WPML, Drupal’s TMGMT, and other translation integrations that let you apply BLEND’s localization expertise directly to your customer-facing app.

Local Insight Reports

Get a custom report analyzing exactly how effective your presence is in every market. Take your localization efforts to the next level to increase engagement time and decrease bounce rates.

Multilingual Customer Support

Multilingual Helpdesk offers a cost-efficient way to scale up without compromising on service. The user-friendly API uses a BLEND of AI machine translation and human translation, with no flat rates. Have your international support center set up in just five minutes.

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