Simply Increases App Conversion Rate by 10% with BLEND Localization Services

Shai Arad, Growth Speciaist

How to Hit All the Right Notes with Your App Localization

Music is a universal language. While the written and spoken word need to be localized, simple melodies unite us around shared feelings. It’s no wonder why Simply’s music apps are so successful among diverse, global audiences. But while millions of aspiring artists could benefit from their intuitive app, the marketing and content that encourages an initial download first needs to resonate in all target markets. And beyond, existing users require ongoing communication, content, and engagement to keep learning and purchasing premium content. BLEND can’t help with chords, notes, and tabs, but we do know a thing or two about telling a compelling story to new audiences. Here’s how we helped Simply make more musicians.

About Simply

Simply brings meaningful and joyful activities to people’s lives around the world. Millions of people in over 180 countries use their apps to learn how to play and tune a guitar, play piano, sing, and draw. With fast growth and an ever-growing fan base, Simply is a global subscription service bringing creative activities to every home. Download their free-to-use apps from the App Store or Google Play and learn more at

BLEND vs. Mystery Vendor for Localization Supremacy

Credit to Simply, they understood that localization requires a holistic approach and consistency across all customer touchpoints. In fact, the company was already using a localization provider; albeit one they suspected wasn’t doing great work. In scoping their localization requirements for BLEND, they outlined their need for marketing support, in-app communications and promotions, app profile customization and updates, and even multimedia localization. They also had a rigorous and definitive process for vetting new providers—BLEND was A/B tested against the current language vendor, comparing the existing translation and voice narration to BLEND’s new versions. Both sets were then evaluated internally and with live users. When the dust settled, BLEND’s work stood out as the more accurate, natively local translation. With a great report card, BLEND started assembling teams and workflows for Simply’s continuous content localization needs in French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Getting to Work—Fixing Existing Translations & Launching New Campaigns

With comprehensive materials ready for translation and new campaigns prepping to launch, BLEND wasted no time integrating with Simply’s Translation Management Platform, Crowdin, and getting localization started using a unique combination of AI tools and expert human linguists. Video courses were also voice-overdubbed and subtitled, and the companies collaborated on new, creative efforts to bring users back for more, including prominent banner spotlights for the song of the week, which is consistent for all language versions.

Overseeing all of this were Customer Success Manager, Ira Kay, and Project Manager, Maya Weiss, as well as a team of dedicated translators to ensure brand and instructional consistency.

The Results—Double-Digit Increase in Conversion Rates (And More Guitar Players Around the World)

With initial content rollouts completed and new app and promotional materials translated all the time, Simply considers its global localization strategy fully in motion for its flagship Guitar and Piano apps. Next up will be tailored localization for smaller user subsets and the beginning of translation work for its emerging Sing app.

Evaluating BLEND’s work across a full spectrum of content deliverables, Simply attributes 7%-10% uplift in conversion rates for each of the three languages.

“First and foremost, we enjoy working with BLEND because of the proven results. They encourage us to have direct communication with the linguists and it has proven to be very effective. We also appreciate the team’s responsiveness and willingness to assist. Ira and Maya are wonderful to work with; it’s a win-win relationship and we’re well taken care of.”

Shai Arad, Growth Specialist, Simply

About App Localization from BLEND

BLEND helps mobile app developers increase global downloads and deliver better user experiences with comprehensive localization services in 120 languages. From app store descriptions to UI considerations and in-app text and media, BLEND ensures cross-border searchability, messaging that compels downloads, and intuitive messaging that encourages ongoing use.

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