e-Commerce Localization & Translation

As you expand globally, weave your e-commerce brand into new local markets. Retailers who engage consumers in their native languages improve the customer experience and maximize conversion, retention, and purchase volumes.

From the first brand exposure to the checkout process, e-commerce localization lets you attract new and returning retail customers. In addition to native language support, easy-to-find shipping information, prices in local currencies, and convenient local payment options, all make for a smooth customer experience, transforming people from prospective buyers to happy customers.
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Global E-Commerce Companies Know Where to Turn to BLEND into New Markets

Go Natively Local for International E-Commerce Success.

More shoppers are online than ever before and the number just keeps rising. But so does the competition. To beat out other e-commerce options and local brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll need to market like a local.
When you translate your e-commerce site with localization professionals, you are offering your customers the most comfortable, convenient shopping experience possible, no matter where they are.

Localize the content at every step of your sales funnel to maximize conversion rates and avoid customer churn. Making product data accessible and navigation easy are the keys to making your customers happy to stick around.

E-Commerce localization services include:


Product listings

Users are more likely to convert if you engage them in their native language. Take your product descriptions local to expand your sales across markets and e-commerce channels. A BLEND of human translation and AI technology means efficient translations, whether you need a single product description or an entire catalog translated and localized.
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User-generated content creates tons of value for online businesses and is a major factor influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. Translating your e-commerce site reviews ensure that your visitors get to hear from other happy customers, no matter what language they speak.
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User interface

Localize your interface for different languages and cultures and make the user experience better for everyone. Allowing your users to navigate in their own language increases both conversions and retention, with customers are more likely to get where you want them to go and to keep coming back.
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Customer support

Help your customers help themselves with the information and self-service tools they need in their native language. Our Multilingual Zendesk solution integrates your customer support with our linguistic team for a scalable customer support solution that helps serve customers around the globe.
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MT training data

Leverage the power of AI technology by training your own dedicated machine translation engine. We work with some of the world’s large e-commerce companies, custom training neural machine translation engines with e-commerce materials to scale the localization process while remaining cost-effective.
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Language quality assurance

Get a real idea of how well your translated materials connect with local audiences. In-depth site analysis makes sure that your content matches both your brand and the needs of your customers, to reduce bounce rates and increase your customer lifetime value.

E-Commerce Localization Tools That Help You BLEND in to Stand Out


SEO Translation

To increase local page visibility, go beyond translating texts and fully localize your SEO. Learn how keywords and click rates differ between markets and how we can increase your content’s ROI.

Website Localization

Make ongoing website localization easy! We integrate with Wordpress’s WPML, Drupal’s TMGMT, and other translation integrations that let you apply BLEND’s localization expertise directly to your e-commerce site.

App Localization

Streamline app localization with workflows that automatically support Apple iOS and Android XML text strings. Keep the local user experience optimal through every added feature or content update.

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