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The IT and software industry is evolving fast and you need to work quickly to get those innovations to markets around the world. With software that’s all about user interactions with the product or service, you’ll have to speak your customers’ language. Clear, concise communication is the foundation of your business.

It’s time to BLEND into new markets with meticulous software localization that optimizes the user experience. Native translations that catch local eyes and make your interface easy to navigate are the first step to both attracting new users and increasing customer retention in global markets. BLEND’s specialized translators make your product accessible while maintaining the design elements and technical details that make you stand out.
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IT & Software Leaders Know Where to Turn
to BLEND into New Markets

Get Your Software Where it Needs to Be: Everywhere.

Users around the world may be using the same piece of software, but they’re using it for dozens of different reasons and in hundreds of different ways. To appeal to a local audience, you need to market like a local. Pricing plans, workflows, and customer support need to take local needs into account, and new features and updates need to get to audiences everywhere. A high-quality localization process makes it happen.

Increase usability, cut down request response time, and improve the customer experience to start seeing higher lifetime value from users. With a blend of human translation and AI technology, you’ll be able to weave your brand into new markets. Quick, cost-effective localization solutions help you stay ahead of the competition all over the world.

IT & Software localization services include:

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Mobile & software applications

Make your messaging crystal clear. Your mobile and software translations demand a keen understanding of UX design and how it interacts with different languages. With expert translators in 120 languages, we’ll help you keep your apps user-friendly everywhere.

Online content

Your website, blogs, and educational content are often users’ first exposure to your brand. Get translations that convey all the technical sophistication of your product while keeping your brand voice consistent and accessible, in any language.
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XML, HTML, & database files

Keep your global teams working in sync by giving them access to crucial information in their native language. Translation platforms that are compatible with XML, HTML, and database files streamline your software localization process so you can work efficiently.
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From user guides and white papers to legal documents, your documentation was written by experts and should be localized by experts. Accurate IT & software translations, with charts and formatting intact, help maintain strong communication with your users and avoid problems later.
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Customer support

Lower churn rates and increase customer loyalty by offering your customers the support they need in their own language. BLEND’s Multilingual Helpdesk for Zendesk gives you scalable, cost-effective tools to help your customers in every global market.
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Terms & conditions

Stay on the right side of the law with terms and conditions translated by expert legal translators and localized for the privacy, intellectual property, and payment regulations in every country.
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Interface Locally for Global Software Success


Website translation

With new content and new features all the time, site localization is an ongoing job. BLEND integrates seamlessly with Wordpress’s WPML, Drupal’s TMGMT, and more to easily keep your site up to date.

User manuals

Get your technical texts localized by technical writers who are subject matter experts and will make sure to preserve diagrams and image formatting so you only do the design work once.

Training materials

Even in different languages, your training materials should reflect your brand. Get localized content that maintains PPT formatting, company terminology, and your brand voice in 120 languages.

Product copy

Product marketing, UX microcopy, and content all need to take into account the fundamentals of navigation, design, and marketing to convert leads and offer the best user experience, in every language.

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