Digital Media Localization

As the publishing industry adapts to an ever-more digitized and global environment, quick and accurate translation opens up a world of opportunity. Reaching new global audiences can be the secret to increasing advertising ROIs. But the secret to getting high conversions, longer sessions, and good response rates out of your new audience is high-quality localization.

Make the most of every piece of content you produce. We work hand-in-hand with print and digital publishers to translate and localize content in over 120 languages. By speaking directly to local audiences, you can optimize engagement for any type of media.
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Global Media & Publishing Brands Know Where to Turn
to BLEND into New Markets

Increase Your Global Reach by Going Natively Local

Whether publishing is your business or you rely on the content you produce to get out your message, a bigger audience is a good thing. But to weave your brand into new markets, you’ll need to speak to local audiences in their own language.

From social media posts and print ads to short films, commercials, and news articles, your words need to resonate in every market.
BLEND’s digital media localization experts make sure your content is translated accurately in every language and for every culture, all at the breakneck speed of today’s news cycle.

Digital Media localization services include:



No matter what industry or topic you cover, magazine content needs to be fluent and relevant to ensure global success post-publication. Our premium translators localize with cultural nuance in mind and make sure every article sounds like it was originally written in your audience’s native language.

Company blogs

Translate and localize your blog posts while keeping your brand voice intact. Invest in the content once and make the most of it by localizing it for multiple markets. You’ll be able to increase authority, customer loyalty, and brand awareness with global inbound marketing material that helps you market like a local.

News articles

When your journalistic integrity is at stake, translation accuracy is critical. Get high-quality translations fast enough to break your story first in every market. Whether you’re aiming to increase hard-copy subscriptions or page views, your audience should rely on you for fast, precise information in their native language.

Audio & subtitles

Video subtitles
From YouTube videos to short films, our voiceover artists and expert media translators will provide you with high-quality dubbing and subtitles in 120 languages. Using a BLEND of human translation and AI technology, you have the tools to increase video views while keeping costs down.

Social media

Your users are bombarded with content on social media. To catch their eye, you have to speak their language and localize your message. BLEND in to stand out and increase engagement rates across every channel.
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Press releases

Press releases need to get noticed. To capture international attention, make your press releases stand out in every market by translating them and adapting them for local interests. Specialized PR translators can tell your story accurately while making it appealing in any language.
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Get Your Voice Heard in Every Market

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Local Insight Reports

Get a custom report analyzing exactly how effective your presence is in every market. Take your localization efforts to the next level to increase engagement time and decrease bounce rates.

Video Localization

Make your video content go farther by localizing it. Whether you choose to dub voiceovers or add translated subtitles, you’ll increase video views by speaking your audience’s language.

Website Localization

Keep your website localized as you publish new content. BLEND’s platform integrates with Wordpress’s WPML, Drupal’s TMGMT, and other translation integrations so your site easily stays up to date.

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