eLearning Localization

For eLearning companies or organizations training employees, the goal is simple: get information across. The better you can teach the material, the better you’ll meet other goals, including attracting new and repeating students and improving employee performance and productivity. Of course, the most efficient way to teach new skills is in the student’s native language.

Online education localization keeps your learners engaged, motivated, and connected, no matter where in the world they are. By giving your global audience equal access to video courses, reading material, and interactive content, you’ll improve the experience and optimize productivity in every market.
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eLearning Leaders Know Where to Turn to BLEND into New Markets

Make Education Universal by Going Natively Local.

eLearning has opened up doors for students worldwide and given companies new, cost-effective ways to expand their talent pool and increase employee loyalty and productivity. But to experience the full benefits of eLearning, you need to do it right, you need the best eLearning translation services.

Increase course registration and student lifetime value with educational material that speaks to each student in their own language. With dubbed and subtitled videos, localized images, and user-friendly layouts no matter the language, you can help learners maximize knowledge and skill retention and raise course completion rates.

eLearning localization services include:


Educational Video Content

Subtitles or dubbing allow your video content to reach a wider audience than ever. Combining AI technology with human translations and high-quality voiceovers, you have a cost-effective method to teach in 120 languages.

eLearning Apps & Sites

Whether you’ve gamified the learning process or just made it easy for users to find what they want, language and UX localization make sure your efforts translate across languages and cultures. As you move between markets, eLearning localization will hang on to the features that increase student engagement and recurring access to your content.

Language Quality Assurance

Find out how your global audience experiences your content. Thorough audits of your eLearning localization efforts can find gaps and make sure that your material is relevant to students’ practical needs, no matter where they are.

Documentation & Files

Keep your visual aids and presentation files looking their best through the eLearning translation process. An expert localization team uses BLEND’s first-class translation platform to maintain formatting, design, and file formats across multiple languages, so even interactive content looks perfect every time.

Technical Support

Prevent churn and raise attendance rates by making it easy to solve problems. Multilingual Helpdesk integrates directly with Zendesk, giving you a cost-effective way to get users answers in their own language, quickly and efficiently.

Local Certification Requirements

Find out how your courses are being used in local markets. With a range of professional certifications around the world and different skill sets required at different sites, localizing how your content is packaged and presented can help it make a bigger impact on organizational performance metrics.

Learn Like a Local. Teach Like a Local.


Video Localization

Let learners around the world share the course experience with subtitles or dubbing into more than 100 languages in local accents. Video localization is a cost-effective way to reach more viewers.

Website Localization

Avoid mistakes and keep your site consistent across languages. BLEND’s translation platform integrates with Wordpress’s WPML, Drupal’s TMGMT, and more, to make ongoing translation quick and easy.

Agile Translations

With new material going up all the time, keeping content up-to-date is a challenge. Streamline localization to give users across the globe access to the latest material as early as possible.

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