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AI Voice

Whether you’re developing an innovative voice application and need a custom persona, looking for a cost-effective way to narrate a large video library, or require a matching natural/synthetic voice for a world-class CX, BLEND is your single-source partner for creating the most lifelike AI voices in the market. From our studio-based voice production process to the testing, tuning, and integration into your technology, talk to us about casting the perfect performers to meet your AI voice needs in more than 100 languages.

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Customized AI voices are no longer exclusive to the most famous virtual assistant applications. With ever-increasingly quality, individual brands and developers of all sizes can leverage AI voice for countless multimedia, customer service, Web, and electronic use cases. Having worked on groundbreaking AI voice technologies like the original Siri and Alexa, BLEND Voice (formerly GM Voices) has the experience, know-how, production capabilities, and voice talent roster to bring your unique AI voice to life.

Why choose BLEND for your AI voice project?

AI Voice Development Going Back 15+ Years

Starting with the studio recordings of the pre-Apple Siri project in 2005, and evolving to fully-managed, in-house voice synthesis, AI Voice is more than a passing fad to BLEND. Having managed every production and development workflow over years of evolving text-to-speech and voice AI projects, we stand by our experience and reputation as one of the pioneering players of yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's voice-first applications.

Dozens of Languages Synthesized

English is great, and we've developed many unique, English-language AI voices for brands and software. But it's just the starting point for an integrated, multimarket brand experience. BLEND has been involved with the AI voice development of female and male personas in two dozen international languages. From technology to translation to QA, our capabilities don't stop at your domestic borders.

Talent + Studio Expertise + Technology

It takes a unique combination of human talent, process excellence, and cutting-edge tech to launch a natural-sounding AI voice. Starting with our contracted roster of 1,000+ global voice actors and extending to our experienced engineering team to record and integrate thousands and thousands of high-fidelity audio files into a near-seamless playback, no other provider covers the bases like BLEND.

How it works

It all starts with a consultation to discuss the scope of your project. Whether your background is in conversational AI, business, or creative, once we know how to best help you, we'll be ready to start production.

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Based on your voice AI requirements, we cast the perfect talent to fit your brand. Because we translate and record in over 120 languages, we can help you source that hard-to-find language or identify the right talent based on any sound or style preferences.

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Our team makes sure that all recording requirements are strictly followed, from microphone selection to isolation booth size, sampling rate, bit depth, and any pronunciation requirements. We create a detailed, pre-flight checklist before starting the training data recording session.

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We work with voice AI directors, linguists, and the audio production team in session to ensure consistency and quality in all departments.

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In session, your hand-picked voice talent will work with the AI voice team to record the training data needed to produce your custom-branded voice. We record multiple scripts containing thousands of sentences to create your synthetic media.

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After the session, our engineers edit the training data and QA it against the original scripts. After naming and organizing all the training data, we send it over for synthesis.

AI Voice Services FAQ

Are we able to use the current voice of our brand to create a synthetic voice?

Yes! We can work with your talent and connect with them remotely to produce the content needed to keep your voice branding consistent in the marketplace.

I don’t want to produce a new AI voice. Can I choose from a prerecorded library of synthetic options?

You’re in the right place. We can give you access to a large selection of synthetic voices in many different languages.

How much recorded audio is needed to create the training data for your AI voice service?

It depends! If you have a database of cleanly-recorded material from previous projects, you might not have to record anything. If you’re starting from scratch, it could take from a few to 40 hours or more, depending on the scope of the project.

What are the current use cases for AI voice?

We receive inquiries for synthetic media in the areas of IVR, virtual assistants, eLearning, corporate video narration, podcasting, and even media catalog localization. As the technologies used in AI voice creation continue to improve, you’ll begin to see it used across many new industries.

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