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Proofreading and Editing Services

Take your translation quality up a level with BLEND Express’ translation and proofreading services.

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Translation is just the beginning

Even translation itself isn’t simple. A good translator won’t just convert a text word for word to a new language; they’ll transform and adapt it to fit the culture of the target audience, they’ll use colloquial expressions, and they’ll do all this while maintaining the original meaning of the text.  

However, two pairs of eyes are always better than one! With proofreading or editing, a second translator will double-check the translation for mistakes, or compare it to the original text to ensure the messaging remained consistent during translation. With any translation project- especially if it’s for a business-related project or text that will be widely distributed – flawless results are the end goal, and BLEND’s proofreading and editing services will get you there. 

Why trust BLEND with your translation and proofreading?

BLEND of talent

Our culturally and professionally diverse team fuse their brilliant field expertise together with their innate understanding of local culture to clearly relay your brand’s message in an impactful manner.

Expansive global coverage

Our growing community of linguists (BLENDers) spans the globe, partnering to provide you with native localization service coverage in over 120 languages. Opportunities for new market growth? Endless.

Legacy of expertise

We’re applying our strong legacy of industry expertise to BLEND. Bringing over 12 years and 6,000 satisfied clients worth of localization service experience, we’re experts at helping companies navigate the localization ins and outs of global growth.

How it works

Follow the steps below to open your project. You will be notified by email as the status of your project progresses, and you will be able to communicate with your translators directly on the project page at any time.

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Open a BLEND account or login to our self-service wizard.

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Open a proofreading, translation + proofreading, or editing project

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Upload your files and provide a translation brief

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After your translation is completed, a second native translator will proofread or edit the translated text, depending on which type of project you’ve selected

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Receive your proofreading or editing project, free of mistakes and ready for use

Proofreading and Editing Services FAQ

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is having a second set of eyes look over your translated text to fix any spelling or grammar mistakes that the initial translator might have madeA proofreader does not take the original content into account for context. Editing, on the other hand, means that the second translator will compare the source text to the translated text to ensure that the meaning of the original text was maintained, and of course, they will also correct any grammar or spelling mistakes.

How do I know if I should choose proofreading or editing?

We generally recommend editing services for any content that is customer-facing or meant for publication and wide-scale distribution. For any personal documents or internal business content, proofreading should be more than sufficient. However, the answer to this question depends largely on your own preference for how thorough of a review you want your translation to undergo. 

Why should I get my translation edited or proofread? Isn’t the translation good enough without it?

All of our translators are experts at what they do, and you can trust that even without proofreading or editing, you will get great results with BLEND Express. However, they are human, and sometimes humans make mistakes. That’s why, to ensure a flawless translation, we recommend editing or proofreading. Sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes to catch a small mistake, or to give a suggestion for how a word or phrase could better be translated in a given context.

Who does the proofreading and editing?

After one of our translators does the actual translation work, a second translator in our network will handle the editing or proofreading section of the project. This translator will also have the language and/or subject matter knowledge necessary for your project, just like the original translator. There is nothing that necessarily sets them apart from the original translator in terms of qualification, they just serve as a second set of eyes and an additional quality assurance layer to make sure your translation is flawless.