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Salem Tobji T - Xiaomi

“What made us decide to work with OHT was their large pool of translators, especially here in China, and their turnaround time. We needed a fast and efficient way to translate so finally we figured it out – we need to cooperate with One Hour Translation”

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Irina Rakovich - Rail Europe

“The reason we’re picking OHT, again and again, is because of their scalability and their dependability. At any given point, they can assemble a team for us, we always know the status and progress of our translations, and, as they’ve proven multiple times, they’re great at meeting our deadlines.”

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Yumeng Xia - Cheetah Mobile

“OHT can meet our requirements for a quick turnaround. Since we publish our apps every week, that leaves 1 to 2 days time to do the localization and OHT’s processes really help us meet the very quick deadline, yes.”

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Lumin Localization Team

Very quick translation completion and responses to questions.
Thank you!

Claire Obrien

Great, thank you for that.

Marvin Harlan

Nguyen L. Minh is an excellent translator. I appreciate his accuracy and he makes the translation look like the original.


“BLEND has been an outstanding partner for us to move quickly and securely to build our user base and language capabilities.”

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Petra Petrušić, Localization Program Manager

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