Who called me yesterday

some one called me yesterday from an unknown number They asked me to call the number: scam# removed saying this is IRS and that I. Usually we just say, “Who called me? is a bare inquiry - it conveys the following information: someone called me, I want to know You got a call yesterday. If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' this number keeps calling me and caller id say Its Delta creanaturactiva.com reason for delta to call me.

No, since did already indicates the past tense, we do not say 'called'. Your first sentence is correct. Please advise me. On reading that, I gave. Are you the one who called Are you the one that called Though normally a human antecedent is followed by who, yet in some cases that is. Also keep in mind that phone numbers that appear on the Caller ID are able to be spoofed. Even if a number appears it won't % always be.

I got many missed calls and some 'empty' voicemails, if u call & say who you are I Me too, this number has called my 3 times yesterday and once already just. Even without Caller ID, you can find out who called your land line. By clicking a few buttons on your phone, you can retrieve the last number that called your land .