Where to get the foundry flashpoint

New and returning players click the link below for free stuff! Refer a friend link, free seven days of subscription ยท Refer a friend informational link. Maelstrom Prison/Foundry Flashpoint New Player Help. Answers. The Foundry is an Imperial side flashpoint for mid-to-high 30's. The Republic equivalent in level is Maelstrom I believe.

The Foundry is a mid-game Flashpoint for the Empire. Contents[show] Description Following an intense battle, a Republic cruiser carrying supplies to a hidden. Taral V, Maelstrom Prison, Boarding Party, and The Foundry have a level range or on Fleet from droids/NPCs labeled as Flashpoint Couriers. exactly as the title says, I must have done the boarding party flashpoint at least 3 times now, and when I start the Foundry quest, the game.

Foundry - SWTOR: The Foundry is a mid's level Imperial Flashpoint. It's advisable for your healer to be at least Level 37 or 38, as the second. The Foundry is a flashpoint designed for level 37+ characters. It is shorter than Boarding Party/Dorin's Sky. To access this flashpoint, you must.