What maps in halo 4 are remakes

Would you guys like to see any maps remade from Halo 4 and Halo Reach? Personally I would like to see these maps remade: Halo 4: 1. There are only 2 remakes in this game, and one of which is part of a DLC map pack. Ragnarok is a remake of Halo 3's Valhalla, and Pitfall is a. Classic Halo multiplayer maps remastered or recreated in more recent Halo games.

27th Here's a collection of all known remakes of previous Halo multiplayer maps! Submit some more if you have found some, I. Lockout is an asymmetrical Halo 2 multiplayer map. It was remade as Blackout in Halo 3, Shutout using Forge in Halo 4, and as Lockdown in Halo 2. But it can get pretty confusing knowing which maps have been remade where, God, looking at that list only serves as a reminder for how terrible Halo 4's.

Nice idea to put the best remakes in a document. But i have found a small mistake A to A are double of the halo 4 maps. permalink.