What is duron hardboard

Description. [Masonite division of International Paper Co] A brand name for a series of hardboard products made from wood fibers without the. Our hardboard is a Masonite Duron type formulation that has been the standard for critical use projects in cabinets, store fixtures and displays to name a few. How do I tell regular hardboard (Masonite) from tempered hardboard, by the Masonite Company itself is sold under the trade name “Duron”.

Hardboard, also called high-density fiberboard (HDF), is a type of fiberboard, which is an engineered wood product. It is similar to particle board and. Duron is a hardboard made by Masonite. Duron is a tempered, resin- impregnated hardboard. Ideally suited for extreme rigidity and durability at. Free Online Library: Hardboard reference guide.(Panel Duron * 3x16" Tempered Duron * S Tempered Duron * Surface Brand Name Density and/or No. (lb.

How does a buyer go about selecting the hardboard type best suited for his use? Which char USG Duron produced at Greenville, Miss. is different from. Duron. DURON SIGNS: DURON IS A PRESSED HARDBOARD MADE FOR OUTDOOR USE. IT'S LIFE IS LIMITED IN THAT IT WILL GENERALLY BE. GOOD FOR. The surface material discussed in this document is Masonite Corporation's Tempered "Duron" hardboard product; the use of any other substitute material makes. This hardboard boasts an exceptional finishing surface which is oil-tempered for extra toughness. The pure solid™ core provides strength without knots.