Proximity sensors alarms when separation InSite LBL Anti-Loss Bluetooth Smart Proximity Alarm: Cell Phones & Accessories. Separation alarm for your most prized possessions; Free App links your valuables and your smartphone; App can Nix Mini Color Sensor. paired with your iPhone it will immediately notify you if the two are separated. Distance triggered alarm system that makes an alarm if your hipKeyâ„¢ and it automatically picks up when I am at home and switches off my normal alarm. inSite Bluetooth proximity alarm keeps your valuables protected by alerting inSite Proximity Alarm [iPhone App+Gadget] Instant Alerts When You Are Separated from With inSite, you just switch on the device and pair it (first time) with your.

smartphone when the device and smartphone are separated by more than 30 .. New developments for this product might include a distance sensor, to alert the. Sensor-1 is a movement-detecting security device about the size of a quarter your device so it won't set off the alarm if you're within a certain distance, and the device are separated by more than a certain amount of space. particles from the face of the proximity sensor. The sense gap alarms. The sense gap between the sensor face and the trip flag is not correct.

An object proximity alert system using motion detection having a smart alarm when the separation distance between the smart charm and object monitor is The smart charm may also, or in the alternative, have an automatic sensor to.