Milk and bread when it snows

Many people have rushed out to buy bread, milk and eggs. Some colleagues like popular TV meteorologist Brad Panovich even use a "Bread. Rain, sleet or snow, there's milk in the refrigerator and bread in the basket. This may sound a bit like the delivery mantra of the U.S. mail service, but it's actually. During World War II, when food rationing became commonplace for U.S. civilians, there was always a pound sack of sugar hidden at the back of my.

Is there something about snowstorms that makes us want to eat French toast and sit on the toilet?. An article in a local newspaper referred to bread as being "doled out" in some grocery stores and to milk as "the one shortage that has hit all. Ever wonder why the proverbial “go buy milk and bread” when we receive a prediction of snow? Reports of local grocery stores stock of milk.

Why is it that people seem to always make a mad dash for milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper in anticipation of snow?. Alert: It's snowing, and if you are like many Americans, you're worried about how much bread and milk you have at home. WBTV asked the questions and ended up with some great answers, some that will even make you giggle.