How to use old spice after shave

Watch more Men's Hair & Facial Hair videos: How-to-Apply-Aftershave If you want to avoid bumping. It seems like with Tabac and Old Spice, if you used too much of the aftershave, it would make you smell too strongly. My aftershave/cologne. Classic Old Spice After Shave brings together many generations of men. After you shave, use the distinctive scent of Old Spice Classic as an after shave.

Old Spice Original Aftershave Review: A Classic American Fragrance Since . Old Spice . When Should You Wear Old Spice Original?. Good question! It's really a matter of personal choice. Old Spice aftershave is available in both splash and spray products. There's no difference in the product, . View Old Spice Original After Shave ml. Available online today at Boots.

Old Spice Musk After Shave refreshes the skin after shaving and keeps it smooth and healthy. For men shaving tips enter Reward Me. Old Spice After Shave — the distinctive, refreshing scent that's probably responsible for your conception — now comes in Pure Sport, an exhilarating scent that's.