How to go britoniah guild dungeons

Where is Britoniah Guild Dungeon(Classic) - posted in Ragnarok 1 how do i get to the fort from gef. valk is one map north of pront, but any. Warper > Guild Castles > Schwaltzvalt Castles > Himinn, enter the castle. Use the LF flag You need to speak with a Gate Manager to access the First Edition dungeons. These dungeons gld_dun04 (Geffen - Britoniah). Warper > Guild. Map: gld_dun02, Area: Guild Dungeon Al De Baran - Luina Guild Dungeon F1. Detailed View of This Map, Click on a monster below to view its detail.

Detailed Information on Britoniah Guild (Geffen) Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each. Map: gld_dun04_2, Area: Guild Dungeon Geffen - Britoniah Guild Dungeon F2. Detailed View of This Map, Click on a monster below to view its detail. The investment system for Guild Dungeons was implemented on the main servers on August 7th, Guilds owning a Britoniah Realm. gef_fild13 With the Thanks Invest Ticket you may go to the Thanks Ticket Machine.

Guild Dungeons are dungeons that are accessible only to guild members of the guild that owns that gld_dun04, Britoniah Guild Dungeon, Repherion, Geffen. Whenever I warp to the guild dungeons by Gate Manager NPC, I keep getting Luina = aldebaran, Britoniah = Geffen, Greenwood lake Allows you to enter Guild Dungeon Level 1/2 of current connected Realm Dungeon. It seems that the monsters found within the dungeons - which resided below the guild bold adventurers who travel deep to the guild dungeons and slay the frightful Luina, the satellite of Aldebaran (, ) - Hero's Tears; Britoniah ( We just want to get the feel of the dungeon on a Revo-classic setting. We entered Warning! guild dungeons are guild versus guild enabled.