How to counter tuskarr

Mana Break is very effective against Tusk, as he has a very low mana pool. Phantom Lancer usually buys a Diffusal Blade, which is very effective against Tusk's low mana pool. Tusk can also snowball dueled allies, preventing them from taking damage for a large portion of the duel's. Radiant. Initiator. Durable. General Counter Tips. 0. Walk near a tower when he uses his snowball on you. He won't be able to stop! Report. Submitted By Bobit. Tuskarr's strength lies in his nuking potential, lockdown control, and his most valuable and . Tusk is very susceptible to counter initiation.

Find out how to counter Tusk in DotA 2. Tusk counter tips. Submit counter tip. Tusk counters. Tusk is weak against. Tusk is weak against Alchemist ยท Alchemist. There are counters to this skill. Any hero that has fast movement speed could be able to outrun your Snowball, that is why it is a good idea to. Since your skills allow it, usually you're going to be the one that initiates fights or the one that counter-initiates by saving teammates who got.

Hey guys, I was just wondering, who is the best counter for Tuskarr in a 1 v 1 match? And Merry Christmas:santa. Countering Tuskarr based on his weaknesses. Please help add things to the list. 1. Snowball targets one hero and Tuskarr can take his complete team. View statistics, top players and guides for Tusk on Dotabuff.