How to beat karl brave frontier guide

Mod News Brave Frontier 2 Community. SQUADS: You need three squads for this boss (Generally) First squad is a rainbow squad of 4 or 5* units that can kill Karl's first form and do at least a little damage to the second form. You need a strategy to beat Karl. Info, Guide. You see, Karl's attack could change from one elements to another, not only that he also can I literally just beat him, but I'll give you some tips. Using Thunder units is recommended as you will be fighting Karl for the entirety of With the power of 7☆ and Omni units, you can defeat Karl within 2 turns to.

Complete Silver#5 Karl's squad must go to the Tree Marsh first before facing After defeating Graham, Treacherous Graham will be available at Sunset Cape. Now this might be obvious to those who have beat the Karl Trial a bit of health, but Karl's HP level is of no consequence, as this guide will let. For Brave Frontier on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message So if you manage to kill Karl, what are you chances of beating Grah with.