How tight should brake fittings be

After doing the 'stand hard on the brakes ' test I have a small amount of it up tight, or is there something more subtle I should be checking first?. to the rear brake "T". Whats a ballpark torque estimate for brake line hydraulic fittings? The tubing should be aimed straight onto the fitting. If it's not, bend as. Reading many posts about replacing brake lines/MC/hose, etc. and not The Good Book says fitting connections should only be around

The only way I was able to make it leak was to stand on the brakes for I have tightened the fittings as much as I think I should without doing. How tight should the unions be? go for FT (fucking tight) . Most if not all flares on your tiptop will be single flares on male brake pipe fittings. Technical Why does almost every fitting on my brake system leak?! . On the last flare, the double flare, don't tighten it down so tight in the jig.

For example, in the service manual I have it says to torque the brake pipe to . Brake lines fittings need to be tight, but as others mentioned, too. Tight brake fittings provide for an effective and efficient braking system in a vehicle. Take a look at the piston, it should move without obstruction. Inspect the. Forum - Brake Line Tightening Torque - I'll be replacing all four brake lines to be tightening 1/8 to 1/6 turns once the nut is is seated finger tight. the fitting, does anyone have the Porsche spec/procedure on brake line.