How far is cayos cochinos from roatan

Cayos Cochinos is a group of 15 islands in between Roatan and Honduras. It is world famous for it´s marine life and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Cayos Cochinos are a group of small islands called Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande is the island where tourists can go, but it can be reached only by boat. They are a group of islands located only a short distance off the coast of Honduras. Cayos Cochinos is a part of Roatan municipality, but they are are actually.

Mar 20, Cayos Cochinos from Roatan tour: full day snorkeling and sailing on a The refreshments served on board the Raya Aguila were far beyond. Dec 5, be the prices for a day/half-day trip to Pigeon Cay, Cayos Cochinos, Parrot Bay to Pigeon Cay, where we snorkeled and had a sandwich. Book In Advance. Cayos Cochinos from La Ceiba . Ways to Experience Cayos Cochinos .. It is definitely cheaper to contract a tour from Tela than Roatan.

Aug 30, By far the best is offered by Ruthless Roatan Charters, which operates once a week from Roatan to Cayos Cochinos. Enjoy the trip in a vintage. Mar 14, a relitivly cheap way to get to cayos cochinos from Roatan?? we are leaving and where the best snorkel areas are around Cayos Cochinos. Mar 23, Either one is a good alternative to have a truly memorable day in the Cayos Cochinos, where you will have a chance to snorkel the reefs, visit a.