Beeping sound on laptop when turned on

Solved: Hello, I bought a new Dell Inspiron 15z touch ultrabook and when I pressed the Power on button, it starts making beeping sound and. Recently when I try and turn my laptop on it makes this loud beeping noise. Hello, My brother has a gateway laptop he used for 1 1/2 So I took the keyboard apart and the same beeping noise happens and when the . That worked for me; I was afraid I had a nasty virus but it turned out the ".

@gigabit sounds like my Inspiron with two watts too many Every time I turned it on, I got the black screen and a lot of beeping that. One beep from a Phoenix based BIOS is actually an all systems clear notification. It's an indication that the Power On Self Test is complete. How do I fix my computer which have beeping sounds? Views ยท Why is my How can I fix the sound of my Dell laptop if its not working? Views How do I fix a beeping sound when I turn on my computer? Views.

A lot of things could cause a beeping noise from starting a computer. Most of the time, this means that something is wrong or not exactly right in the computer's. can I ask how many beeps? if 1 beep its - video card; if 2 to 3 beeps - RAM; if it beeps continuously - it the processor. REMEDY / SOLUTION: 1. You need to consult your laptop's manual to find out what those beep sounds mean? Regarding the various options in grub menu like ubuntu.