What does napped fabric meanings

Primarily, nap is the raised (fuzzy) surface on certain kinds of cloth, such as velvet or moleskin. Nap can refer additionally to other surfaces that look like the. What do we mean by napped fabrics? The term napped fabrics can be used in two ways. One way is to say that a fabric is with nap and the other is to say that a . Definition. Napping is the finishing process that raises the fibers on a fabric to produce a mat of fiber ends, or nap. It may be used on knit or woven textiles made.

NAPPING. Napping is a raised surface on a textile that is a result of brushing loose staple fibers out of the fabric structure. It may also refer to the surface texture. The terms nap and pile are often used interchangeably to indicate any fabric with a fuzzy surface. The term napped fabric is almost always used. 'Napped Fabrics' definition with manufacturers. Free listing for companies.

Napped Fabrics. Page 1. The term “with nap” is used on sewing patterns and instructions; it affects the amount of yardage you need, how the pattern is cut, how. Definition of Napping When a fabric is to be napped, the yarns intended for the construction of the cloth are given only a slack twist in the. A fabric with nap is one that usually has a pile and will look different color shades from different angles. Learn about fabric nap to prevent. Napped definition, to sleep for a short time; doze. the short fuzzy ends of fibers on the surface of cloth, drawn up in napping. any downy coating, as on plants.