What are the exclamation marks in itunes

Support article on how to remove the exclamation points next to your songs in iTunes. When iTunes can't find your music it displays an exclamation mark next to your tracks. In this feature we look at how to get rid of the exclamation mark in iTunes, locate missing music files and play your iTunes tracks again. How to locate missing iTunes music and fix the. OOOps I finally found the solution. Hold "option" while you open iTunes, choose the " choose library" and then click on "iTunes" folder and open.

In itunes if I click on Song Info and then Locate, I can find the song in the If you see an exclamation point next to your items in iTunes - Apple. An exclamation point next to a song title means iTunes cannot find the original file, but the software gives you a chance to go find the track. From time to time you may see an exclamation point next to a song in iTunes. When you try to play that song, iTunes gives you an error saying.

Missing songs in iTunes show up with an exclamation mark next to the track listing. These are songs or videos that iTunes cannot locate, as the track files were. Around 30% of my songs (got gb) got this exclamation mark on the left side and i can't listen to them. I already tried to change the iTunes.