Maximum transmission temperature when towing

The key temperatures to monitor when towing are the transmission fluid, engine For transmission fluid, the ideal operating temperature is between and . Programmers · Can an Edge Programmer be Left in the Highest Tune Setting. Maximum transmission temperature In the February issue of “General Motors' in-house towing team expert provided RV Clinic with this. Pulling up a gravel road for about 5 miles with a steady incline and noticed my temps climbing. Hottest it got was for no more than 5.

KNP: Transmission Cooling System. Was towing my trailer over Steven's Pass in Washington State which is pretty steep. The tranny temp was. I have seen charts which relate maximum temperature to the fluid life a tap for a thermocouple & add a trans temp gauge if I was towing alot. I watched my Allison transmission temperatures the other day while in degree whether the highest the transmission temp registered was.

Normal operating temperature for an automatic transmission is about For high performance or towing vehicles, a large external radiator helps. Towing & Hauling - Maximum Towing Trans Temp - What is the maximum transmission temperature you guys are willing to tolerate when. Can anyone tell me the transmission oil temperature that I should expect to see when towing LBs (travel trailer)? I am getting degree. concerning my transmission temperature. Towing with a Silverado crew cab with engine. Trailer weighs lbs. Pulls great and have.