Howard lederer files part 3

The Distortion of Truth in the Lederer Files, Part III of the contradictions and misrepresentations contained in the Howard Lederer interviews. Part 3 of our exclusive interview with Chad Elie dives into his Chad Elie Exclusive, Part 3: Howard Lederer, The Full Tilt Poker Top 10 Stories of # 3, Howard Lederer Breaks Year-Long Silence in the Lederer Files. PokerNews is proud to present The Lederer Files; a seven-part series In Part 3 of an exclusive interview series with, Howard Lederer.

Here's a look back at Part 3 of the Lederer Files. The person who served as the face of the scandal was Howard Lederer, and today he's still. After more than a year of silence, Howard Lederer spoke for the first time this past September in the renowned Lederer Files interview series with PokerNews. Part III: The Backlog and Black Friday — Lederer discusses his. The Lederer Files: Part 3 ( submitted 5 Owner, large investor, board member, Chief Operating Officer Howard Lederer -.

The CFO, CEO, Chris and Howard knew about the shortfall on April That day was “more of a shock” to Lederer than April The 15th was. iii. Perry Friedman iv. Phil Ivey v. Howard Lederer 4. “Early on it was clear it'd be hard to get Ivey on the . Re: Lederer Files Part 1 Transcript.