How to set up my tool box

While there's no perfect setup for everyone, we've put together I think I have about a dozen of them total in my tool chests. For obvious reasons, your heavier tools should be located in the lower drawers of the tool chest. You can create a single tool tray organizer or drawer organizer. . Another way to save space in your tool chest is to turn both foam and tools on their sides and create an upright tool organizer. .. play video: how I organized my toolbox. Whether you're reorganizing a drawer storage box in your garage or There's no one way to organize a toolbox, but the best way to get started is to create piles.

For the first time ever in my life, my tools are organized in a way that I . reside permanently, and my big tools will be set up for use any time I. Everyone should have a proper toolbox. Be sure to get at least one extra-long shaft screwdriver in slotted and number two Phillips, because sooner or later you will need Socket Set . "The Festool Syslite is my favorite. Great idea to organize tools in your house hold or workshop tool box ; I know a lot of you men folk may be thinking NOT MY TOOL BOX! "Tool Organization - Label the drawer so that you will know where to set the tool back after use to help .

I could have bought an organizer set from Sears for one drawer for , but, being the . I have a lot of sockets and wrenches that don't really fit in my toolbox. Build a simple case around the pipes to create a floor and a back for stick a case in my shirt pocket when I'm working and toss it into a toolbox.