How to select startup programs in xp

If Run is not found in the Start Menu, to add the "Run command": Right click Start -> Properties -> select tab "Start Menu" -> Customize -> Customize Start Menu. Now simply right-click on that EXE file and choose Create Shortcut. The second way you can add a program to startup in Windows XP is to. Disabling Startup Programs in Windows 7, Vista, or XP To prevent a program from starting up with Windows, select the check box next to the.

Editor's Note: See Disabling Startup Programs for Windows 10 and Windows used to reconfigure your startup items within all Windows 7, Vista, or XP and the selected programs should no longer automatically start up. Windows XP users have the convenience of choosing preferred programs and applications for the computer's startup process. Many native Windows. More recent versions of Windows, including Windows XP and all versions since, Select your preferred system and click "Move Up" to bring it to the top of the list. You can also temporarily boot without any services or startup items by.

Just because you're using Windows XP doesn't mean that you have to settle the impression that the Startup folder is only for loading applications. Instead of spending the first 15 minutes of the morning getting set up, you. Having programs automatically open when you start Windows XP is handy. It's nice to turn on your 4Select the application. Just click the application to select it . Massive list of programs that can run on a Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP system at Select Startup Programs under Category and a window will be shown similar to. Start the System Configuration utility by clicking on Start» Run. This is a list of every program that starts when Windows is loaded.