How to make lenses for google cardboard

(you can find steps on how to build or assemble a Google VR cardboard here in instructables and in various websites or in youtube).So i'll start first with the lens. So I made the lens myself using clear plastic and that's how this project started. So just follow this tutorial to build your own DIY Google Cardboard based Virtual . Please do keep in mind that this is not the best way to make the cardboard, but just a way for making it without appropriate lenses, which are.

Here is an easy tutorials for making lens for cardboard using plastic bottle. http:// The title pretty much summarizes it. Do the lenses have a specific function that is crucial to the VR experience, or can I work around this. Whether you fold your own or buy a Works with Google Cardboard certified viewer, you're just . How do I know which viewers will work with Cardboard? or at your local hardware store: cardboard, lenses, magnets, hook and loop fastener.

Our Google cardboard (inspired) adjustable lenses model is as easy to use as any other unit. It's as simple as positioning your phone in the unit and pulling the . Description: 25*45MM BiConvex Lens for Google Cardboard 3D VR Glasses Specifications: Material: PMMA Color: Transparent Shape: Biconvex.