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How to Get Smokey Eyes With Makeup. Want to make your style more striking and dramatic? Try giving yourself a smokey eye look! Though. How to Create a Smokey Eye Effect. Anyone who wears makeup can appreciate the look of a smouldering, smoky eye. With the right colors and application. With a few touches of makeup to the eyes, you can be a ghoul, a scary doll, This article will suggest some Halloween eye makeup styles and how to put Add cartoon freckles with eyeliner, or wear your hair in two French plaits like a doll.

In this Article:Creating a Simple Smokey EyeApplying a Dramatic Smokey Eye Doing the Rest of Your MakeupCommunity Q&A17 References. How to Do a Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes. One great thing about brown eyes is that any color of eyeshadow can match. Dark, smokey eyes are beautiful and glamorous, but they can be tricky to do. This article will show you step-by-step how to apply dark eye makeup, perfect for.

How to Do Gradient Smokey Eye Makeup. Gradient smokey eye makeup is a great option for a night out with friends or for a big event. Wearing makeup can make the eyes stand out and enhance their natural beauty, whether you prefer a sexy natural look or you want your eyes to look smoky. When eye makeup is applied correctly, it can give your face a pretty Once you get the basics down, you can use your creativity to enhance your eyes in a. Portugu├¬s: Aplicar Maquiagem para os Olhos, Fran├žais: appliquer.