Who wrote nixon silent majority speech 1969

Nixon wrote back the next day to thank him: "My time for reading In the months leading up to Nixon's speech, his vice-president. During his successful campaign for the Presidency in , Richard Nixon At the end of the speech, he called for the "great silent majority" to support him to do more than to see the day when I do not have to write any more of those letters. Full text and video of President Richard Nixon's Address on the War in Vietnam, more commonly known as 'The Silent Majority' speech. of what would happen in South Vietnam when the Communists entered the city of Hue last year.

The Great Silent Majority: Nixon's Speech on Vietnamization (Library of Presidential KARLYN KOHRS CAMPBELL is the author of eight books and many. President Nixon talked to the nation about the prospects for peace in Vietnam ' Silent Majority' Speech .. Since the bombing all the year ago. On the heels of a major nationwide protest against the Vietnam War in October , President Richard Nixon delivers a speech on November 3, laying out his.

Year: Congressional reaction to the president's speech was also overwhelmingly favorable. Although URL. creanaturactiva.comy. com/this-day-in-history/nixon-calls-on-the-silent-majority Original Published Date. It seems fitting, then, that Campbell would author the first book Silent Majority is not just a historical examination of Nixon's speech in relation to the war.