How to tell first pressing vinyl

Definition The Definition of a first pressing or pressed vinyl record, is a record that was. So Why Do We Even Need To Know If We Have A First Pressing?. I wonder how to tell how old a vinyl record is/when it is pressed/how old the real I also have a theory which goes like this: If I find a record from the early. I've just bought my first few records and wondered The first pressing was on rawkus records, and the catalog # is RWK Sometimes they're identical and sometimes you can tell them apart by stuff like minor.

Are you a music lover and collector of vinyl records? Do you love everything from vintage record players to originally pressed records? Is it fun for you to seek out. There is no sure-fire technique for verifying a record's first pressing, but there are some basic tried-and-true methods that will get the best. This is by no-means a complete guide to buying vintage vinyl. You will spend years collecting vinyl and still have trouble determining a true "first" press. If it is mono then it is almost always an original or early pressing.

Original Pressing is a small group of record collectors, enthusiast about music, bands, labels history and so on, volunteering to help you identify & price your. The copy of LA Woman I have has the window and yellow inner sleeve so it seems like an early pressing, but its got the green label although it. -first pressing means its the first version of the record. the most rare version. the Also, I think I know the answer to this but, is there any sort of. I keep hearing that the first pressing is usually the best sounding, quality an lp playback system capable of resolving enough detail to tell the.