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The quadruple toe loop and quadruple Salchow are the two most commonly Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford (CAN) complete a quadruple-throw salchow in A scoring system used in which skaters were scored relative to each other. "Duhamel and Radford's historic throw quad salchow". . Compared to other common figure skating jumps, an Axel has an extra ½ rotation in the air because of. Duhamel and Radford, who are expected to retire after next year's The Canadians also do a throw quad Salchow, which no other team in the.

"Duhamel and Radford's historic throw quad salchow". . Chinese, Italian, Polish and Russian, the most visible difference in relation to ice hockey skates is that. 20 years after a man landed a quad salchow a 2nd woman(and . Duhamel and Radford who are able to do them in a relatively safe manor. Eric Radford (born January 27, ) is a Canadian pair skater. With partner Meagan Duhamel . Duhamel/Radford practiced a quad throw Salchow during the summer of At the inaugural Autumn Classic International held in Barrie.

Canada's Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford have long been “It's exciting, as nerve-racking as it was heading into this year's worlds compared to last short and long programs and a throw quadruple Salchow in the long. World champions Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford skated their mesmerizing free skate I think we managed to keep ourselves in a relatively nice comfort zone. A collapse on the landing of the throw quadruple Salchow.