Doctor who s8e4 review

What's always made Doctor Who unique as well as enduring as a television show is its ability to constantly reinvent itself. From season to. Doctor Who is no stranger to psychological thriller episodes, one of the most well- known being the Tenth Doctor episode “Blink”, which, while mostly Doctor-less. Scare master Steven Moffat was on true form this week with a psychologically terrifying episode. With nods to Poltergeist, Alien and even Event.

[Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the latest episode of Doctor Who, then read no further.] After the last couple of earnest but ultimately mediocre. "Listen" is the fourth episode of the eighth series of the British science fiction television .. Welsh, Kaite (13 September ). "Review: 'Doctor Who' Season 8 Episode 4, 'Listen,' Celebrates the Power of Fear (And Bad Dates)". IndieWire. Listen to Doctor Who S8E4 Review: "Listen" (TeeVee 23) and 41 other episodes by Doctor Who Flashcast On The Incomparable. No signup or install required.

Doctor Who can do goofy, can do sci-fi, but I think the show is often at its best when it does horror. Some of my favorite episodes are the scarier. But do listen to this episode, where we break down Steven Moffat's “Listen,” a standalone episode with some surprising connections to Doctor Who history. SPOILER ALERT: Don't read ahead if you haven't watched Doctor Who series 8, Episode 4: Listen At last! Steven Moffat gives us a Doctor Who.