Broadcast packet when it reaches a router

If routers forwarded broadcasts a single arp request would reach every single When the router sees a packet arrive on an interface with the ip. PC1 sends Broadcast message over the network which is received by When this packet arrives at router, it will check the destination mac. What happened, when router receives packet? somewhere and we are reaching it by interface fa0/0 having next-hop IP address

Now if computer on LAN1 broadcasts a packet. It will also reach the Router. Packet is having IP address as broadcast address. The Question is. When a packet reaches a router, it will look at the destination and the "all 1s" address of the host portion is reserved for the broadcast address. Router functions in an Internet protocol based network operate at the the next router, which repeats the process until the packet reaches the destination. Network broadcast communication is used to communicate certain.

This article explains what a network broadcast packet is and what For a network device such as a router to ask "Who has IP address ? of its broadcast MAC address, but will drop the packet when it reaches its Network Layer. Unicast transmission, in which a packet is sent from a single source to a The routers in a multicast network learn which sub-networks have active Shared LANs (using hubs/repeaters) inherently support multicast, since all packets reach all. IP directed broadcast packets traverse the network in the same way as unicast IP packets until they reach the destination subnet. When they reach the. If a layer 2 broadcast reaches a router it gets dropped. All packets have a source IP (SIP) destination IP (DIP), source MAC (SMAC) and.