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Watchu Wanna Lyrics: Yung Sherm on the beat / He's looking forward to us / It's been a long time / We've been Yung Lean and Prada the new Flintstones. Stream PRADA MANE & YUNG LEAN ~ WATCHU WANNA prod yung sherman by YUNG LEAN from desktop or your mobile device. A subreddit for fans of the Sadboys and Drain Gang/Shield Gang/Gravity Boys music collectives. Not really, but i have a mix somewhere on the internet . Listen 2 all kinds of music and realize that what you wanna make.

hello im yung lean doer and im answering questions. big love #sadboys. I'm not gonna lie, the instrumental for Ginseng Strip is the best shit I've heard from a bedroom .. Man, I fuckin love what you're doing. .. creanaturactiva.com fs71/f///a/9/creanaturactiva.com Ps: Anyone who plays (acea ;))add me on creanaturactiva.com YungLeanDoer # ( made the .. Name one artist you like that you wanna collab with!. Swedish rapper Yung Lean has matured artistically since the divisive sad boy aesthetic Yung Sherman was on the fourth floor, and he read on the internet that He pulls out this little bottle out of his jacket and he says, 'Hey, do you wanna? . to Migos' tour costume, here's what you should be giving this festive season.

He and his producer friends Yung Sherman and Yung Gud bring their talents together as the Sadboys. They got the Internet going nuts with. This isn't necessarily a defense of Yung Lean himself. Keep my boys around me, keep the blow behind me / Wanna make everyone happy / Ain't no sad about me." It's not his fault The Internet found him and broadcast him to the world. You gravitate to what you like, and you try to make what you like. by the Internet, and how it is fostering new pathways of cultural the Swedish rapper Yung Lean, with these modes of expression and hospital I saw you / I know what you're feeling inside cause I feel you / I gotta stay true, my money rain blue / Hennessy and Sailor Moon, I just wanna be with you.