What to do weekends

Ever have a conversation that goes like this? "What do you want to do this weekend?" *Shoulder shrug*. "I dunno, whatta you wanna do?". Ever wonder how successful people spend their weekends? Here are 14 things they do (or should be doing). Wondering what to do this weekend? Here're over 50 fun things to do on weekends as your inspirations for weekend fun. Check out the list and.

I catch up on reading, or work (yes, I work on weekends sometimes, because I work from home Originally Answered: What you like to do during weekends?. Time management expert Laura Vanderkam reveals the subtle secrets to restorative and productive weekends in her book 'What Successful. 4 days ago Conquer the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course. The huge bouncy castle for adults we've been waiting for is nearly here! After a long.

So I followed up that post with 15 free things to do during such a weekend, 15 more things to do, and 15 deeply fulfilling things to do. Since then. 5 days ago Make the best of your weekend with our top picks of things to do, see and more in Singapore. Your weekends are precious — you'll want to make the most of them. You've probably worked all week with one target in mind — getting to the weekend and. If you're spending your weekends trying to catch up on the things that didn't get done, or trying to recover from the workweek in a fog of Netflix.