Vmware static ip nat how to

The virtual machines configured for NAT are connected to that network through a virtual switch. In that case it may be simpler to use static IP addresses. A NAT configuration also sets up a private network, which must be a TCP/IP convenient to assign static IP addresses or configure the virtual DHCP server to. VMWare Player with NAT assigns a DHCP address, but because it I'd like to assign a static IP on the guest so I can add a user-friendly entry.

What you want to do is use a Bridged network--not NAT. Let's assume you have a Windows 10 host and VMWare Workstation 12 with multiple. A virtual DHCP server, included with the installation of VMWare Workstation, assigns IP addresses in Host-Only and NAT network. Assigning a static IP to a VMware Workstation VM colour) under the correct section (for me it was for a NAT based network – VMnet8).

Update: This technique also works in VMware Fusion 8! I am an OSX user, and I run a lot of VMs using VMware Fusion 7 which I have been. Step 2 Find out the range of IP addresses that the VMware Workstation's virtual DHCP service provides on the VMnet8 (NAT) virtual network. VMware Fusion is a great product to virtualize machines on a Mac. This post explains how to provide the same IP address to the guest OS via.