Ugh whatever face emoticon

The shrug gesture in text (emoticon) form is known as a shruggie and typed of Unicode in under the name “Shrug” and added to Emoji in In its 11 strokes, the symbol encapsulates what it's like to be an individual on the Internet. With raised arms and a half-turned smile, it exudes. Whatever Copy Send Share Send in a message, share on a timeline or copy and Music Emoji, Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes, Happy Faces, Emoji Love.

Time to get schooled on practicing grammatically correct emoji usage with the help of Unicode's* very* Whatever you do, do NOT confuse this with a surfer's " hang 10, bro" sign. You know, if we zoom in, squint, smush our faces to the screen, and use our imaginations. "Hello, my name is UGH.". Well whatever you did I'm not pleased, kind of like these emoticons. You can also throw other small circles around the outside of the face to show tears flying. Emojipedia has info on the new emoji coming in iOS , which was which includes a black heart (much anticipated), gorilla (ugh), selfie (a.

emoticon symboilizing a sigh, usually a sigh of disgust. an annoyed face. often used against extremely noobish behavior P1: Uh, yeah? gaming as the Careface, commonly used to show no interest at all in whatever some1 is sayin. If LSP saw this: Ugh whatever I have seen better. permalink ago (17 children). I haven't seen someone use the word "emoticon" in forever. Results 1 - of Awesome Whatever Emoji inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more inspired Do Whatever Emoji Funny Quirky Smiley Face Graphic T-Shirt UGH Sassy Conversation Heart ♡ Trendy/Hipster/Tumblr Meme Sticker.