Toontown how to get sos cards ttr

An SOS Toon is an NPC who is caged in the Sellbot Towers. They are rewarded as two identical cards by defeating the Vice President, and can then be called. SOS toons are toons caged in Sellbot Towers in the Vice President battle. will give two identical SOS cards, which can be used to call the NPC into a cog battle. Throw and Squirt are the only gag tracks that do not have an SOS toon that. Toons Hit/Cogs Miss SOS cards now have 3, 4, and 5 star editions. they updated the SOS Cards with better features, thank you TTR Staff!!!.

This guide will talk about SOS Cards you can get from defeating the Sellbot VP, and their abilities. Aiyman Elite Toon TTR Beta Tester. %. If your SOS page is full, and you come across a SOS that you have not gotten before, do you not get the sos card, because your page is full?. While you're in the elevator, all you have to do is squish your TTR screen to a thin and narrow position, and then look at the top of your screen!.

VP SOS Toons Cards Gaming Rooms, Cogs, League Of Legends, Game Rooms, . Visit . The Toontown Rewritten Situation Best Games, League Of Legends, Laughing, . Ugh I didn't play TTR for three days because I was tired of his tasks. The Eight best SOS cards to carry Anchorage Branch Office. The max number of cards you can have on one toon is , tt limits it to per.