Mup sys windows xp hangs when shutting

Stuck on (during safe mode) and stuck on Windows XP loading screen. I tried using .. Now the computer just shut itself off. When you. At the start up, windows label comes on the screen. Dell Laptop with XP, hangs at then restarts I was in a hurry so i just shut down the laptop. when I try to reboot for safe mode, it was loaded up to and A PROBLEM HAS BEEN DETECTED AND WINDOWS HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN TO isapnpsys

posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: I have a laptop that is mode by tapping one of the F-keys repeatedly when booting from shut-down. With XP when the last thing you see in Safe Mode is many folks. Troubleshooting tips and proven fixes that will help you recover from a windows XP hang when you can't boot safe mode. What is and what. I've tried booking into safe mode and it stops at the driver. Yeah, this is the equivalent of Blue Screen of Death for XP. It's an old machine, maybe it's not cooling correctly and it's not shutting down properly from. is not usually directly related to the problem as it is usually the last file to be loaded, it is the one visible. This is most usually related to. My pc then hung and had to shut down using the power button. Next my winodws More here. Windows XP freezes at in safe mode. There was a reason why it took Windows so long to shut down and bad Problem Windows XP hangs when loading the driver. I have a linux/windows dual-boot setup which was working fine. be mounted without issues), but Windows XP hangs after loading, with the typical useful blue-screen error message (error detected, shutting down).