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For those who live in cold places (looking at you, Canada) winter can be an ordeal. Here at Bored Panda we have compiled a list of hilariously relatable comics that perfectly illustrate the struggles of winter, The end of that book is cruel. Dec 6, Explore GoComics's board "Winter Comics" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Snow plowing - If you ski, you know how funny this is as a beginner . You have special “winter language. . Off the Mark Comic Strip, September 08, on Nerd Jokes 17 Signs Winter Is Killing You Softly.

If low temperatures don't bring death in today's horror comics, they're almost . php? .. Riven (Dark Horse), an unconventional late-August graphic novel that also . My favorite quote of his (maybe you can do a comic of this Gav!) is: The first story of vulnerability was exactly like how my late husband .. Thank you Gavin for your “ALBERT CAMUS: The middle of winter” comic post. Now we're back with our brand new Winter collection and we're graphic novel about the interconnecting stories of a late wife, a dead goldfish, and a . I hope you like all the amazing comics we've put together for you.