How to propagate pencil cactus plant

I couldn't bring my 8' Pencil Cactus to AZ so I took cuttings. to Tucson and couldn't take the plant (see the pic below to discover why) so I took a few cuttings. This is all about planting my Pencil Cactus cuttings. See the materials I used & the steps taken. There's also a video to guide you. The pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) isn't a true cactus, but a sun-loving, spineless succulent plant native to tropical areas of India and Africa. Pencil cactus.

The pencil cactus plant is in the Euphorbia family of succulents. Another common name for the plant is Milkbush due to the cloudy sap it. Potting Up My Pencil Cactus Cuttings: This is how the cuttings look 8 days after they The plant in itself is very heavy but then you add in the large terra cotta pot . Learn how to cultivate the pencil cactus as a houseplant, including Because the plant is so easy to care for and can grow to such extreme.

Pencil Cactus plant care guide. How to grow, identify, water, feed, and propagate a Pencil Cactus, Euphorbia tirucalli. Read about Pencil Cactus plant diseases. Once my pencil cactus plants take root and begin to grow, I may leave them to grow freely like a jumble of branching "pencils" in their pots.