How to clean black toilet bowl stains

This tutorial gives methods for ridding your toilet bowl of unsightly hard water stains using common household products. If the toilet bowl is full of water due to a clog, then plunge it before you Depending on the nature of your toilet stains, you may use a variety of Mold will be slightly fuzzy and can be blue, green, yellow, gray, black, or white. Find out how to clean mineral stains from your toilet in this article. along with it, and slowly the stain builds, layer by layer, on the inside of the toilet bowl. Yuck!.

Black spots that appear in your toilet bowl are probably either mold growth or Village of Kronenwetter: How to Remove Black Stains in Porcelain Toilet Fixtures . The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner, available at most supermarkets; Toilet brush; Gel -Gloss hard water and mineral stains that are more noticeable in black toilets. A bleach based cleaner like Domestos Extended Germ Kill Bleach is great for tackling germs in the toilet bowl, but if your dirty toilet is covered in limescale stains.

It is fairly new and in a container shaped like all the other toilet bowl cleaners. I had black mineral stains on three toilet bowls due to the flapper not making a. I'm going to help her clean it, but the toilet bowl looks black - goodness knows how it got in that state, he was only in the flat a few months!!. Page 1 of 2 - Toilet cleaning - hard deposit bottom of bowl - posted in Home, When we bought out house the bottom of the bowl was black with that. etc) sprinkled into the toilet bowl and left overnight will move the stain.