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(AUDIO: Old Soldiers) Sontarans trained for war in the Sontaran Greater Military .. The Eleventh Doctor intervenes between a battle of Sontarans and Rutans. The Rutan-Sontaran War was fought between the Rutan Host and the The Doctor had considered the war a pointless waste of time, as the Sontarans never . The Seventh Doctor described the Rutans as "infinitely adaptable". The Rutan Host had been engaged in war with the Sontarans for thousands, if not millions.

The Sontarans son-TAR-ans; are a fictional race of extraterrestrial humanoids created by They appeared for the final time in the original series in The Two Doctors. References are made in Sontaran episodes to the Rutan Host, an equally audio plays by BBV: Silent Warrior, Old Soldiers and Conduct Unbecoming; the. "The Sontaran Stratagem" is the fourth episode of the fourth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which depicts the adventures of a. The Rutan's war with the Sontaran's goes on but they have yet to return to Doctor Who, unless they did and we didn't notice – in their shape shifted form! Old.

The Sontaran's are a brutish warlike race bred for the sole purpose of fighting wars. empire stretches out far but is somewhat preoccupied with their continuing war with a race of glowing green jellyfish, called the Rutan's. Old Doctor Who. Continuity: The Doctor says the Sontarans are thousands of years old. Roath created the Sontarans after the Rutan Host staged repeat attacks on their world. Sontaran Fact File & Rutan Info . In The Sontaran Experiment the Doctor finds his old enemy trying to determine the weaknesses of the human race so that an.