What does impinge upon mean

Impinge on/upon definition is - to affect (something) in a way that is unwanted: to have a bad effect on (something). How to use impinge on/upon in a sentence. impinge on/upon sb/sth definition: to have an effect on something, often causing problems by limiting it in some way. Learn more. Impinge definition, to make an impression; have an effect or impact (usually Nor does it impinge on "the fundamental right of privacy guaranteed by the United.

Define impinge upon. impinge upon synonyms, impinge upon pronunciation, impinge upon translation, English dictionary definition of impinge upon. v. Definition of impinge on in the Idioms Dictionary. impinge on phrase. What does impinge on expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definition of impinge - have an effect, especially a negative one. 'several factors impinge on market efficiency'. More example sentences. 'But the principal .

A writing tip on using the phrasal verbs impinge on and impinge upon. Whether it means “encroach,” “affect” or “hit,” impinge is followed by the preposition on or upon. Do not impinge so much on your boss's time. My exercise of freedom. Synonyms for impinge upon at creanaturactiva.com with free online thesaurus, Find descriptive alternatives for impinge upon. see definition of impinge upon . there is no right which does not, in some measure, impinge upon some other right. When you impinge, you intrude on something, whether it's someone else's space, time, or rights. Think of it as moving in on someone's territory. The word also. What is impinge (verb)? impinge (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by [ impinge on/upon something] to have an effect on something, especially in a.