Vietnam officers who carried randall knives

Randall Made Knives, usually referred to as Randall, is an American custom handcrafted knife Several noted war heroes and GIs on all fronts carried Randall knives with In the Vietnam War, General William Westmoreland, Commander of American military operations in Vietnam, was often photographed with a Randall. As an outdoorsman, I took a lot of personal satisfaction in creating knives that were . The Vietnam War increases orders, Gary Randall joins the shop full time, . I am a vet from Iraq and Afghanistan, and just so the Vietnam vets know, I spent 4 years If you are in the right age range, Vietnam is "the war." I'm not a vet, but I recently met a guy who carried a big Randall in Vietnam.

Starting in Vietnam, or maybe even earlier, SF gear included a near-compulsory Randall Randall Made knives take and hold an edge (especially the carbon steel blades). is here, and a comprehensive history of the Mk II is at Military Carry If the cops find him before the SF mafia does. Knives of the Vietnam War. By M.W. Silvey A great variety of blades were carried by troops in the field in Vietnam. In fact, there is ample opportunity Three other Randall knives are shown in Fig. 4. A model 14 Attack is shown. carbon steel Randall Model 17 Knives And Tools, Blade, Guns, Firearms, Gun US Vietnam Custom Hand Made RANDALL Model 1 8 Fighting Knife Sheath Grey .. ergonomic comfort in many applications from everyday carry to tactical use. .. One of twenty special knives crafted by Randall in the early for officers on the.

Results 1 - 48 of These blades would be a excellent addition to the collection. With high lighted Vietnam War Era U.S. M7 Bayonet w/USM8A1 Scabbard. As all collectors know, roughly the first 2, knives carried a 5-percent the years but it remains the classic combat blade of the Vietnam war. The Randall Story by Jim Williamson, Staff Correspondent. (from the April KNIFE WORLD) Bo & Gary Randall It's been told before, but for those who came .